NEWS: 2009 T4
You thought acne was for teenagers but you’re well past drinking age and it’s still around. You’re sick and tired of being plagued by unsightly, uncomfortable and totally unwanted blemishes. And you’re fed up with constantly camouflaging your “problem skin".

Acne is a complex skin disorder that includes blackheads and whiteheads, inflamed lesions and painful cysts. Causes may include hormonal changes, an increase in cellular turnover and sebum production, which can lead to blocked pores, inflammation and bacterial infection. Effective treatment must address all these factors to achieve lasting results.


SkinCareLab has a breakthrough treatment that is anti-acne and anti-aging in one. Using a new serum formulated by Intraceuticals infused via a topical Hyperbaric Oxygen System to deliver therapeutic oxygen under pressure. The benefit of the serum and oxygen target bacteria that causes acne. It reduces inflammation, helps clear pores and calms oil production, allowing skin to recover a smooth, refined appearance while helping to prevent future breakouts.

For those who are not in the area, at home products used in the treatment are available for at home use.
Other options to keep your skin clear available on include Epicuren acne gel with benzoyl peroxide, SkinCeuticals 1.0 with retinol and Biomedic Anti-bac wash, with salicylic acid.