Neocutis Blanche is a hydroquinone based cream manufactured by Neocutis skin care. Neocutis Blanche combines two ingredients, hydroquinone and Melaplex in order to achieve impressive skin results: Neocutis Blanche effectively treats hyperpigmentation, brightens the skin and diminishes dark spots.

Neocutis Blanche has 4% hydroquinone, the highest amount of all non-prescription skin care creams on the market. This cream is good for all skin types, including the most sensitive; however, Neocutis Blanche is not recommended in pregnant women or children.

Neocutis Blanche also contains Melaplex, an enzyme that inhibits melanin production in the skin, and its transportation from the lowest layer to the top ones. Thus, its goal is to minimize the hyperpigmentation damage from sun exposure.

This hydroquinone Neocutis Blanche cream is therefore a great substitute to prescription drugs to even out your complexion, reducing pigment irregularities.

Neocutis Blanche skin lightening cream